About us

Maggie Halligan, CMP, CMM, VEMM

Co-Founder of Hotels and Cocktails

Founder & Lead Visionary of mhCONCEPTS

I found my passion!!!  Growing up in rural South Dakota, I could never have dreamed I would end up where I am today.  I had some fantastic experiences early on, while I was “adulting” and living on the east coast.  I worked in corporate America for companies like the NFL Players Association and Sprint Nextel Communications, managing events in their sports marketing departments.  I wouldn’t give up those experiences for the world, nor would I ever want to lose the amazing friends I met along the way.  HOWEVER, corporate life just isn’t for me!  I thrive on new challenges and experiences and I found my niche when I started mhCONCEPTS, which is a global meetings, events, incentive travel and experiential marketing company.  I need new challenges and adventures, and I have found that through working with our clients.  

As I travel the world managing programs and scoping out new and exciting places to stay and things to do, I’ve realized that the few things that truly draw me back to my home in Dallas, TX are the Dallas Cowboys and my yorkie, Princess Kippie.  Kippie is a true Diva and the love of my life.  Sadly, she isn’t always able to go globe-trotting with me, but I do enjoy my welcome home kisses. Through my travels, I have also come to realize that I wasn’t sufficiently documenting my experiences, and this is how Hotels and Cocktails came to be.   I hope that you enjoy our stories and reviews, but more importantly I hope to see you on an airplane while you are traveling to somewhere fabulous in order to make your own memories!!

My Motto:  The answer may not be at the beach, but we should at least check!!!

Desha Schalekamp

Co-Founder of Hotels and Cocktails

Meeting Broker at Meetings Made Easy

Desha has over 15 years in the event industry with 12 being a corporate event planner. She has two rambunctious children, a 5-year-old daughter, and a 3-year-old son. They definitely keep her on her toes and make sure she meets her insurance deductible every year…haha. It’s been a wild ride the last five years learning about work/life balance but she wouldn’t change a thing!

One of her favorite things about being a Meeting Broker is that she can do what she loves (travel, work with amazing clients, and negotiate a great deal) and still take her daughter to speech therapy and pick her kids up from school. That’s right kids, your momma can work a crockpot and negotiate a contract for 4000. #MomBoss

Some of her favorite experiences have been swimming with the stingrays in the Cayman Islands, whale watching on an Alaskan Cruise, ice skating on Lake Louise in Banff, and enjoying a cocktail by the mountains in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Her bags are always packed and ready for another adventure. 

Desha hopes you enjoy Hotels and Cocktails as much as we LOVE sharing our adventures.